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We Promote Hemp Products as a Clean,
Green & Healthy Alternative
The new, emerging hemp industry offers many great products that benefit both personal and planetary health by offering:
  • A new manufacturing sector to replace toxic, synthetic plastic and petrochemicals with bio-products made from natures own HEMPFIBER & HEMPSEED OIL,
  • A new health food sector based on the nutritious benefits of pure protein, balanced omegas and easily digestible fiber of HEMPSEED, HEMPNUT & HEMPOIL,
  • New medicinal and skin care sectors based on the health benefits of HEMPCBD, HEMPSEED OIL, HEMPROOTS. 


cannabis-2028244_640.png?1615762211437Grow Hemp, Wear Hemp,
Eat Hemp,
Heal with Hemp,
Build with Hemp,
Bath with Hemp,
Pull & Tie with Hemp,
Cover with Hemp,
Drive in Hemp Cars,
Live in Hemp Houses,
Write on Hemp Paper:
Become Hemparian,
and....well....offer a little help to
Mother Nature! 
Hemp and the Clean, Green
 Healthy Economy
Hemp Network Marketplace is all about promoting hemp as a major contributor to the clean green economy. Hempfiber, hempseed, hempcbd medicinal resin and hemproots all have amazing properties that benefit people's health and the health of our Earth-home. 
Instead of flying to Mars.....Maybe.....we otta be using all our resources to develop clean/green industries that will save us, and our planet, from this climate change,  plastic pollution and mass extinction global crisis.
There is only one planet that supports life. We might want to think a little more about what we're standing on.....and what we stand for.....and then take action to make better choices for us, the Earth, and all the other inhabitants we share the Earth with. 
Growing the Hemp Community
Our HempNetMarket community is a growing network of businesses and their customers who realize that 80 years of hemp prohibition has been very costly to people's general health and to the health of our precious planet.
Hemp products are a practical alternative to plastic and petrochemicals, factory food, synthetic clothing and rope, and pharmaceudical drugs because they are clean, biodegradable products made by Mother Earth herself.  
Our site is for customers and businesses to grow together in a new type of economy based on health and wellness of both people and the environment.
Your membership will bring you new and innovative products and ideas for personal health and the health of the environment by reducing your ecological footprint.  By replacing petroleum-based products with natural fiber, healthfood, medicinal supplements & skin care, you are supporting healthy living on a healthy planet. 
Our Earth Cleansing
Bio-products Journey
Joining and supporting HempNetMarket.com is a decision to clean the house of our planetary home. When we clean our house and when we live healthy lives, we feel good. Now it's time to cleanse our Earth-home by haulting the petrochemical assult on our biological systems and purchasing hemp bio-products whenever possible.
There are many ways to get involved: 
  • Buy hemp products and support new and existing hemp shops by purchasing products and encouraging others to "Buy Hemp"! (See our customer affiliate program)
  • Donate to one of our programs designed to advance the industry or provided hemp food and medicinal supplements to those in need. 
  • Volunteer for one of our functions or to promote or sell hemp products at farmers markets, festivals and public gatherings.
Thanks For Your Support and Contributions!! 
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