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Delivering Plant-Based Wellness Across Canada

We curate and sell amazing products for anyone that needs relief.

Mellow was started with a simple mission. Deliver great cannabinoid products with simplicity, clarity and convenience. No “cannabis culture” or jargon. Just great service, reliable delivery and amazing products.

Effective and all natural.

We sell unique, handmade and small batch relief products. We make sure all the ingredients are natural, as organic as possible, lab tested, safe and effective.

It’s Simple: Great service and great ethos.

We don’t try to overwhelm you with terminology, but we understand what they do and their overall impact and importance.

Then we curate the best products for you, and we offer you a simple subscription (or you can still buy them one by one). And we back it with a sensible 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

If you need anything – questions, concerns, complaints – just send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

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888 891-3588

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