Hemp Education 101


There's A Lot To Grow
Yes, there's a lot to grow, and a lot to know when it comes to the amazing plant we call HEMP; scientific name, Cannabis sativa L (sativa is a Latin word meaning 'cultivated'). The more we learn, the more facinated we are with this amazing plant, and the more we realize we need to learn. However, there's one thing we can say for certain; Cannabis is "nature's gift to humanity" and we will share what we have learned and are learning here at HempEd101.
So what makes hemp such a great gift to us humans. We can give you four reasons; hempfiber, hempseed, hempcbd resin and hemproots. Each of these raw hemp plant parts makes valuable, sustainable products for our everyday use. If we make our products from natural bio-degradable fiber, we can have our products while still maintaining our "life support systems" wind, water, soil, sunlight, flora and fauna, on Earth. 
Hempfiber: hemp has two commercially valuable types of fiber - bast & hurd - which can be woven, pressed, or formed into many common products. It can replace many of our modern ecologically destructive products such as synthetic textiles, plastic, fiberglass, wood paper, concrete, etc. with carbon reducing, earth-friendly sustainable products. 
Hempseed: Hemp seeds are super nutritious containing easily digestible pure protein, balanced omegas, both types of digestive fiber, and a host of minerals. Its also one of the best wood preservative oils and used to make paint and is a clean burning bio-diesel fuel. 
Hempcbd resin: Hemp flower resin contains 100's of cannabinoids - CBG, CBD, CBN, CBC etc. - terpenes, and flavonoids that work on homeostasis (inner chemical balance) providing relief for a host of illnesses by triggering chemical signals acting on the bodies endocannabinoid system. And all without side effects. (go to projectcbd.org for all the information)
Hemproots: beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes for medicinal supplements, soil rebuilder, Phyto-remediation.
Hemp has the greater potential than any other industry to reduce our carbon and ecological footprint and mitigate our climate change and global pollution crisis. 

Our Hemp Equation: 

HealthyPeople + HealthyPlanet = HempProducts
We have decided to embrace hemp's nearly magical properties through educating ourselves and sharing the knowledge, the products, and the businesses that are working in this vital new industry. We begin this work by offering solutions to mitigate 50 years of industrial toxic products and waste.
We are learning, or I guess re-learning, to live sustainably as stewards of the land, as societies have done throughout history, knowing that each product we purchase has an effect on the Earth's ability to sustain life; the life of every living organism. 
Male Flowers
Looking back at the last 90 years during cannabis prohibition, one can conclude that the race away from natural plant products to synthetic drugs, food and plastic products - our so called "modern society" - has created massive health problems for people and ecological disaster for our precious planet. Just 50 years ago, the world's billions of wild diverse species were still in great abundance. Now 60% of wilderness and wild species  are gone,  "due to human activities, including habitat loss and degradation, deforestation and the excessive use of wildlife such as overfishing and overhunting"(WWF).
Can society make the necessary changes to fix these massive problems? Experts say it can be done but the time is urgent and the changes are dramatic. It means everyone needs to get involved; individuals and all levels of the public and private sectors. 
Mother nature contributes 125 trillion dollars/year to the economies of the world (WWF). Our modern economic system was build on a pretense that Earth's resources were boundless and that the world economy, based on food production and oil & gas, could continue to grow indefinitely. Now we know that that is not the case, yet we still act like there are no limits to growth. 
We know now that this practice is causing unprecedented environmental and climate chaos, mass extinction, and threatening basic survival.
A fundamental change in thinking is required, at every level, from the largest corporation, to governments, nations and to each individual . Our "life support system" has simply got to take precedence over our profit motive.
The Unsustainable Profit Motive
A false "Capitalist" notion has been driven into our minds by the propaganda of an economic system that is based on the idea of using capital, Earth's resources, to gain profit through the supply and demand economic system. The goal then, of a corporation is to use Earth's natural resources as capital to exploit to create, what is considered by modern man, to be profit.....which is a measure of the amount of money that the exploitation can accru.
In this profit motivated capitalist system the health of the eco-system, which provides all the resources to run the capitalist system, is not ever considered and has no rights under the laws-of-man. It is an economic system where the  the laws-of-man work in complete opposition to the laws-of-nature
Why is it that people have rights, animals have rights and corporations have rights but natural systems, the basis of our life support system and the entire food web, have no rights in our man-made laws and capitalist's system. Our economy considers that-which-gives-us-life either a commodity for exploitation or a garbage dump.  
This is an unfortunate result of modern science and technology coupled with our economic supply and demand economic model that is now old and outdated and causing environmental chaos. 
Supply and demand worked very well when the Earth's resources were abundant but it's the worst system when resources are depleted because the value of a product goes up as the supply goes down.....so when highly valued resources, like blue fin tuna, becomes depleted their value goes through the roof, which makes it profitable to continue to exploit the resource until it can no longer recover. 
Aligning Our Laws with Nature's Laws
Aligning our laws with the laws-of-nature is not as hard as one might think. It begins with a simple mindset, which is the decision that there is no other to think which will create a sustainable world! We start by respecting nature; by giving natural systems the same rights as we give to citizens and to corporations.
To live within natures laws means we make products from nature's bounty; from natural fibers. We stop using synthetic products and chemicals wherever and whenever possible. We become integrated with the laws-of-nature and re-learn how to live sustainably within them. 
While this may seem daunting at first, it is quite liberating once you spend some time with the idea. To live a life that has zero impact on the natural world is of great relief to the mind and to the notion of freedom, there is simply nothing closer to freedom!
What Is Sustainable Living?
What does sustainable actually mean.....what is a sustainable society? Well in it's simplest form it means your footprint, or amount of resources that you use, is equal to the amount of resources the planet is able to provide in order to sustain your life. A sustainable society is a population of people where the sum of all resources used is, equal to or less than, the available recourses. 
Modern western thinking is predicated on the notion that a person may consume as much of the planets resources as that person desires, or can afford, based on the modern capitalist notions of ownership of land, free recourses, free markets, cheap labour and by not considering in the cost of waste disposal. So, if you can afford extra homes, cars, toys and travel etc. than, by god, you shall have it, no matter what the impact on Mother Earth.
Can Capitalism Adapt to a Sustainable Society?
While Capitalism was a great system to bring the west out of post war depression, it's continuous growth, profit motive and lack of moral or environmental compass, has lead us straight to our global environmental crisis in a matter of a few short decades.
Our global environmental crisis is not new. The green house gas phenomena has been known and documented for well over 40 years. We have only been extracting oil and gas for 80-90 years. Our technological advances in petrochemicals combined with a capitalist corporate model of R&D, and a propaganda machine fixed on manipulating the consumer to buy, is a model for the ecological, environmental disasters we now face. 
Why then, have the people running our modern capitalist system failed to alter the of society allowing this crisis to continue to unfold with only Band-Aid solutions? Is capitalism just not adaptable enough? Can capitalism be altered and made to adapt quickly to change? 
What does global pollution and the climate crisis tell us? Could it be that what we can't have everything we want, no matter how hard we work, because there's just not enough of Earth to go around. Can the basic tenet of Capitalism change from a profit motive to an Earth sustainable motive. If the focus of our capitalist society changed from focus on resource capital in monetary term for personal wealth to a capitalist model of an Earth Economy where the profit is eco-system balance and the profit is freedom.....the freedom to live sustainably.
In other words, can capitalism change its basic tenet from the profit-of-man to the profit-of-nature. If society worked toward the benefit of nature, as hard as it works for the benefit of itself, then our capitalist system could be used to rapidly bring about the changes that will allow our future to thrive in harmony. 
Why throw out the baby with the bath water. If the bath water is the baby we call profit. Profit is a man-made idea, a result of thought processes of many people over time. what is considered profit is different for different cultures and has changed many times throughout history. Since the profit ideal of the modern age has resulted in enormous ecological disaster why not simply change profit motive to something that will create a sustainable world.  
Can We Learn from the Past?
Ethnic peoples, past and present, believe that Earth's resources were gifts to be respected and cherished. The industrial revolution, advanced science and technology, combined with the global economy - growth of global multi-national corporations - and  propaganda, have altered the mindset of society from recourses as "respected gifts" to recourses that represent "money and power".
The monetization and commodification of Earth's turning gifts of life on Earth into profit distinguishes respect. Respect is the most prized of human traits and has been the basis of the success of humans evolution. Loss of respect for Earth's resources in the modern age has trickled down to a general loss of respect in society....such as respect for elders, respect for other cultures, respect for race and equality, gender equality etc. 
What About Waste?
Exponential growth in product consumption with complete disregard for the toxic effects of consumer products on the air, land, and water has lead to the massive environmental crisis we call climate change, global micro-plastic pollution and mass extinction. 
What this means is, for example if you buy your child a plastic toy truck for his birthday, you pay for the cost of producing the truck; getting the oil out of the ground, refining the crude, manufacturing and shipping etc......but you don't pay for the disposal and for the breakdown of the plastic back into natural compounds that can be reabsorbed by Earth's natural mechanisms. 
Why don't you pay for this waste to be reabsorbed by nature.....because nature cannot reabsorb plastic. It remain for 100's of years, slowly breaking up into smaller and smaller pieces.....and the smaller it gets, the more toxic it is to organic life system on Earth. 
Bio-Circular Economy
Cheap products are only cheap because the cost of processing the waste is not considered. The actual cost of returning the product to natural organic material would make plastic products extremely expensive. 
By adopting a Circular Economy, right graphic, where all products are made from materials that can be, reused, recycled, re-made and are finally biodegradable, as opposed to the linear, pollution based economy that drives our modern capitalist society, left graphic, we can begin to tackle our pollution and climate crisis. 
The Paradox
The great paradox of humankind in the 21 Century is the difference between the notion that modern man considers himself to be most intelligent creature to ever have existed in the universe, on one hand, and on the other hand leis the fact that this amount of intelligence has simply lead to more expedient means of planetary destruction and annihilation for the short term monetary gain of a few individuals. Crazy!
The cost of thinking this way is toxic to our soil, our water, our air, our wilderness, our children's future! Our cheap goods are not very cheap when all the consequences are considered. When the actual cost of destroying Earths fragile ecological systems which have taken billions of years to develop to the point of supporting us humans. 
What's This All Got To Do With Hemp?
Hemp offers a unique opportunity to transition away from harmful, toxic plastic and petrochemicals, to life enhancing natural products that promote health for people, the Earth, and the wilderness. Products that actually have a "negative carbon footprint". 
By adopting and establishing the ideas of a circular economy using compostable products, keeping in mind the real cost of products production, and about their effect on the other millions of diverse plants and animals of the wilderness, we would make better choices about what we do and what we purchase.
If we educate ourselves about the effect we as individuals have on the Earth's environment, climate, and species, we can make better choices and turn this climate chaos into a lesson learned.....and the lesson is:   
Why purchase a toxic, plastic, Earth destroying product when there's a recyclable or compostable metal or natural plant fiber product available. Instead of buying what "corporations want us to buy" based on the corporate model of profit and propaganda, shouldn't we be buying what "we need to buy" based on the model of "we want to preserve the Earth for our children and their children and......all future generations". 
If we buy nature, wear nature, build with nature, eat nature, bath with nature, sleep with nature......we will be happier and healthier, and the World will be a better place.....bar none! Lets turn this WorldOurHome back into a place of beauty, balance and abundance. Through respect for Mother Nature and all her species; by buying sustainable products; and by living sustainably we can take destiny into each of our own hands.
HempNetMarket is a catalyst for thought and action toward a sustainable future; one that we can all be proud of. Becoming a member gives you access to a community that is striving to make a difference through all aspects of producing/growing the raw hemp materials, processing it into products and getting the products to consumers. The beauty is, "it can all be done locally" and boost local economies. 
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