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About Hemp

Nov 28, 2023 James Hamly Hemparian News


Hemp cannabis  (Cannabis sativa L) has been with us humans for a very, very long time. In fact hemp and humans have co-existed since long before civilization. Throughout recorded history hemp artifacts can be found among many ruins and grave sites. Hemp is considered the "Tree of Life" in many parts of the world as survival is dependent on hemp fiber for shelter and hempseeds for food, including protein and hemp resin for medicinal and spiritual practices. 

Hemp resin has been used medicinally in Asia to relieve pain and control stress; hemp fiber provides  shelter and has been the primary source for paper, rope and sail canvas, and provided eco-friendly wood stain, lacquer and paint. If that wasn’t enough, hempseed offers the highest value nutrition known for human consumption. These are just a few examples from a Hemp/Human relationship that began well before the dawn of civilization.

Yet, for all this, Hemp was outlawed and then criminalized from Western European and American culture since the 1937 US Marijuana Tax Act. The act marks the beginning of cannabis prohibition and the war on drugs. Removing Hemp fiber as an alternative feedstock to compete with petroleum-based synthetic fiber was the beginning of the road that has since lead to our environmental crisis of global pollution, mass extinction and climate change. Hemp prohibition likely represents the “single, most devastating environmental tragedy of the modern age”. 

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