Eco-Friendly Hemp Products for
Healthy People on a Healthy Planet!  
 By purchasing a HEMP Product
you are:
~ Reducing your carbon footprint,
~ Fighting against climate change,
~ Reducing micro-plastic pollution,
~ Reducing habitat loss & mass extinction, 
~ Making healthy personal choices.
 Doesn't that just give you a nice, warm,
 green, the right thing to do....kinda feeling!!! 

Why Join HNCC? 

HempNet Customers Club is a community of people "taking green action" when considering their product purchases by asking the question, "is this product sustainable"?
Since there are 1000's of healthy and sustainable products made from hempseed, hempfiber, hempcbd flowers and hemproots, this is a great place to start a sustainable journey to a personal neutral or negative eco-footprint. 
Purchasing a hemp product is a healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable choice. The more you buy hemp products, the better you can feel about your ecological footprint.
Hemp can go a long way toward reducing the human impacts on our climate and environment. This is possibly the most important issue facing our society today.    
HNCC is a community of people who understand the need to buy green and the need to  adopt hemp as their go-to source for purchasing.
Hemp is a "gift from Mother Earth". No other plant is capable of producing 1000's of earth-friendly products; products that are truly "sustainable" because they:
  • store carbon,
  • are reusable,
  • super-recyclable
  • and compostable.

There is no better raw source material than hemp from which to build a green-circular economy into our modern society. 

Three good reasons to buy hemp products;
  • global plastic, micro-plastic and petrochemical pollution,
  • mass extinction,
  • and climate change!
The products and packaging made of petroleum directly effect the natural balance of Earth's air, water and soil causing our climate and pollution crisis. Hemp bio-plastic and bio-fiber are the only viable solutions for creating alternative earth-friendly products.
The HNCC Community is actively working toward environmental recovery to create a sustainable future for the coming generations.

HNCC is an active and engaged community that shares thoughts and experiences, recipes, ideas, plans, resources etc. through our "Hemparian News" newsletter.  We look toward to expanding our community and expanding Earth-friendly hemp products wherever and whenever possible. 

Hemparian News and Hemp Advocates Group (HAG)

Hemparian News is a newsletter and blog promoting all the good things hemp offers, features new products and new vendors, and passes on general information about the amazing properties of hemp and hemp products. If you are a member of HNCC please be sure to join the discussion by signing up to our Hemparian News email list. 

Members interested in promoting hemp products can join HAG, Hemp Advocates Group, where you earn rewards through promoting our hemp products. 

Why is this all so very important! So many reasons but lets just go with it's:   
A Sustainable Life Style
Living sustainably will require some simple societal changes in our thinking about our home; Planet Earth. We know that the Earth is suffering due to the products and packaging we buy. There is just no room for all the garbage.
If we consider Earth as our home, and we each treat the Earth with the care and respect that we treat our own home, we will then purchase products with respects the Earth's environment and all the other species we share the Earth with.
So what happens when you purchase a hemp product and why is it so important. Its important for 2 reasons; the good things happen, and the bad things that don't happen. The combination of the two together, is a recipe for a better relationship between we-the-people, and the rock under our feet......this amazing planet of rock, air, water, soil, and sun that created "all life".
Good Things That Happen:
  • Air: Carbon is removed from the air and is stored within your product reducing atmospheric CO2 and mitigating climate change. 
  • Soil: The deep and massive root system of hemp adds nutrients and fiber to soil improving the structure, oxygen content, water retention, and overall profile. 
  • Water:  Less water is needed to produce a massive amount of hemp biomass from which many 1000's of products are produced. 


Bad Things That Don't Happen:
  • Air Pollution:  Unlike fossil petroleum products, no carbon is added to the environment through manufacturing using hemp. The carbon footprint of hemp can be no greater than "net zero" percent (even through burning hempoil diesel) as hemp removes the same amount of carbon from the air as it releases back through combustion. 
  • Soil  DegradationHemp regenerates soil that has been depleted from yearly accumulated chemical sprays and fertilizer. The cheapest and fastest way to improve soil condition is to grow hemp. All crops benefit from the improved soil conditions resulting from hemp roots. Hemp is also excellent for bio-remediation....removing toxic chemicals from soil. 
  • Water Pollution: The run-off from Hemp crops to streams, lakes and to the ocean has little or no agricultural pollution so the waterbodies surrounding the fields stay healthy. Plus the improved soil conditions from hemp crops allows for less chemical inputs for other crops. 
  • Chemicals: Hemp grows with zero herbicides, usually no pesticides and requires much less fertilizer then most other major crops. This makes hemp super easy to grow organically, creating no agricultural pollution or run off.  


  Supply & Demand
World markets are based on "Supply & Demand". When we "DEMAND" eco-friendly products like hemp, the markets will react to supply the products that we insist on having. 
You & I, as consumers, have the power
to change the impact that products have on the Earth
by simply choosing to buy products that are 
Eco-friendly, and which contribute to,
rather then destroy, our 
life support system
we affectionately call......
Planet Earth!!!  
Thanks for joining HNCC and
Happy Shopping!!
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