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 hemp%20pod%20and%20seed.jpg?158923505836It's hard to believe these small seeds are packed full with food nutrition goodness and oil that's awesome for your skin and your antique desk. The super-food nutritional benefits of hempseeds is hard to believe, but the fact is that it's just as good for your skin plus is a natural non-toxic, food safe, penetrating wood finish (yes, you can use it on your cutting board). 

For 100's of years prior to prohibition Hempseed oil was  known to enhance and protect wood and tall ships would not have discoverd much of the new world without hempseed oil to protect the wood and hemp canvas sails to power tall ships around the world. 

It's almost as if hempseeds were designed for human nutritional requirements with a fibrous shell, packed with a nut (hemp heart) that is 44% good fat, 33% protein & 9% dietary fiber. 

Which gives you:

  • Pure Protein ~ 8 Essential Amino Acids + 9 other proteins,
  • Perfectly Balanced Fatty Acids ~ Omega 6 & Omega 3 in a 3-1 Optimal Ratio,
  • Both Soluble and Insoluble Digestive Fiber` 
  • Important Minerals (below)

HempseedNutritionPieGraph.gif?1588131996MedicalNewsToday says the USDA, National Nutrient Database: A 2 tablespoon serving of hemp seeds weighing 20 grams (g) contains:

  • 111 calories.
  • 6.31 g of protein.
  • 9.75 g of fat.
  • 1.73 g of carbohydrates (including 0.8 g of fiber and 0.3 g of sugar)
  • 14 milligrams (mg) of calcium.
  • 1.59 mg of iron.
  • 140 mg of magnesium.
  • 330 mg of phosphorus.
  • 240 mg of potassium
  • 1.98 mg of zinc
  • 22 micrograms (mcg) of folate

Hemp seeds also provide Vitamin C, some B Vitamins, and Vitamins A and E.

When you consider the value of these amazing seeds and that Hemp plants have massive roots that improves the soil condition, requires no herbicide, usually no pesticide, and less fertilizer.... then you have products that are healthy for both people and the planet.......If plants could boast, hemp takes the cake when it comes to healthy benefits for people and our one and only planet!!

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