How It Works 


Why Being A Member Is Important
Hemp in an entirely new and exciting industry. The excitement is due to the multitude of personal health and environmental benefits that this amazing weed can provide. Our "Customer Club" is all about advocacy. We believe that the best way to spread a good word is by good old 'word of mouth'. Our customer-members are our best advocates to share the good word about hemp and hemp products. 
How It Works
1. Your free membership automatically get you 10% off your first purchase.
2. Members get exclusive discount promotions from vendors.
3. If you're interested and passionate about promoting hemp products, think about joining our "HempNet Affiliates" program. Members who join as affiliates earn discounts and points by singing up new members. (coming soon)
4. Members who receive our newsletter, "Hemparian News" will receive a wealth of information about new products & promotions, new hemp companies, recipes, health info, carbon saving info, and much more crazy good hemp info. 
5. Members and vendors can share information by writing blog articles for either their own store or for our Hemparian News newsletter. 
6. Vendors can also write articles for Hemparian News about their products and business.  
Ultimately the goal is to share the 'good word' about hemp's many personal and planetary benefits including the fight against climate change. 
The sooner the Hemp Industry gets off the ground, the better for the Planet, its People, and all the other inhabitants with whom we share this incredible planet we call Earth. So thanks for being a member and sharing the "good word" about HEMP
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