Welcome Members
Hello, and thanks for becoming a member. We have lots in store for you; "pun intended". We have hemp eco-products that benefit your health and the health of our precious planet. We have lots of information about the benefits of hemp "Hemp Ed 101". And - if you're interested - We have ways for you to get involved; such as:
1. joining our Hemp Advocacy & Social Club and subscribing to our Hemparian News newsletter,
2. becoming a HempNet Affiliate and promoting and selling hemp products for cash,
3. becoming a volunteer, 
4. donating to one of our hemp campaigns,
5. becoming a sponsor 
Members are our backbone, and to move the hemp industry forward we need lots of members and we encourage everyone with an interest in this amazing plant to become a member, and to use hemp to reduce your personal ecological footprint. So, as a member, you can invite people to sign up as new members and you will get some nice discounts. 
Our newsletter, Hemparian News, is where we feed you new information and offers. Be sure to subscribe is you haven't already.....we won't inundate you as we send it monthly and you can opt out at any time. 
How to become a member: 
1. Click the "Sign-up/Members" button, top right, then click "Register" and sign in with your name and email address. 
2. Done. You are now a member; but wait, you have to opt in to our Hemparian News, newsletter. 
You are now a member of our Hemp Advocacy & Social Club and you will receive our Hemparian News newsletter once a month. 
Why Do We Need Members?
Members help to spread the simple word that purchasing hemp products will have an immense positive feedback on our environment. There is simply no better solution than to use hemp bio-fiber, plant-based materials to begin replacing plastic made from petroleum, paper made from forests, fiberglass insulation and panels made from glass fibers, textiles made for petrochemicals, cement made from concrete etc. etc.... many of the products we use daily could easily be earth-friendly, carbon negative/neutral hemp products. Honestly.....we don't need any more plastic toxic materials polluting the our precious world!
All the technology and expertise is primed and ready to move the hemp industry forward, so why is this industry still in it's infancy when the need for compostable products to replace toxic plastics and petrochemicals is so greatly needed? 
Unfortunately it's the same reason that hemp was outlawed in the first place; lobbing by the industries that make and sell planet destroying products. Simply....hemp competes with almost every other industry! 
For this reason, our members are incredibly important. We need to work together to create a hemp lobby that rivals than the combined oil & gas, plastic, paper, fiberglass, and concrete lobby.
Crazy! Yeah.....we know! It's a daunting challenge but we have the environment on our side and people are beginning to see how their purchasing decisions causes ecological chaos leading to a crisis; which is the state we now find ourselves.  By demanding products that are "Earth Safe", we can fix our environmental devastation and begin to heal our Planet Earth. 
There's different types of memberships so everyone can certainly find a member group that suits their personal interest. Here is the list of member-groups so please go ahead and choose your medicine and we will be in touch.

1. HempNet Members: everyone who signs-up, both customers and vendors, become site members and members of our Hemp Advocacy & Social Group (HASC). Our HASC newsletter is called Hemparian News which we send only once a month and has information on new product listings, new vendor companies that join our site, recipes, health and nutrition and interesting stories about hemp. 

2. HASC & HempNet Volunteers: (coming soon)
3. HempNet Investors: (coming soon)
4. HempNet Sponsors: (coming soon)
5. HempNet Research & Development: (coming soon)
6. HASC Social and Music Events: (coming soon)
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