Vendor Plans

Vendor Plans Vendor Plans

5 Steps to Sign-Up and
Sell or Advertise
Free Trial: All plans start with a 3 month, free trial. 
Plan   1           B2C Seller, General Store Only 
Plans 2 - 4      B2C Seller, General Store & Storefront 
Plans 5 - 8      B2C Seller, General Store, Ads & Storefronts (not shown)
Plans 9 - 12    B2B Hemp Company Ads
Plan  13          B2B Hemp Wholesale Product Ads
Plan  14          B2B Hemp Raw Ads
Step 1: Decide Which Plan is Suitable and Click "Choose"
Other Plans: Can't find a plan that suites your needs, contact us and we can set up a custom plan.
Not Sure Which Plan: Choose Any Plan, fill out the application form and we will help you choose the right plan for your business. 
Step 2: Fill Out the Vendor Application (you can change the Vendor Plan at any time).
Step 3: Read the "Terms and Conditions" Agreement and click "Send".
Step 4: We recieve your application, verify your business, and set up your account.    
Step 5: You log in to your backend where you set up your store, list your products or ads. We will guide you through the process if necessary. 

PLEASE NOTE - Currently there is "No Fees" for Vendor Plans.  

HempNetMarket is now in Stage Two of construction.
This is the stage where we sign up vendors
During this stage we will NOT be collecting fees for vendor plans.
Our priority is to fill the site with great hemp products, stores and ads and create an awesome shopping experience for customers.
Once we have sufficient numbers of products and vendors we will move on to the Final Phase, which is when we launch the site and begin actively marketing your Hemp products. 
All signed vendors will be notified when we launch and that will start the 3 month free trial period after which fees will commence. 


 B2B Advertising Plans are for:
  • Raw & Wholesale Packaged Product Ads,
  • Supplier Product Ads,
  • Hemp Consulting Service Ads,
  • Agriculture Consulting, 
  • Hemp Equipment Ads, 
  • Hemp Agency Ads
  • Any Other Hemp Related Business



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