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~ Wholesale Product Ads,                
~ B2B Product Company Ads,
Producers, Farmers & Growers Ads,   
~ Processors & Suppliers Co. Ads,
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About Our Marketing Tools: 
~ eCommerce Retail Sales and Product Advertising
~ Google Targeted Advertising (pay per click)
~ Industry Direct B2B Advertising
~ Industry News & Blog with Ads
~ Community Newsletter with Ads
~ Social Media Marketing 
~ Affiliate Marketing
HempNETMarket is an ecommerce  marketplace platform, like Etsy and eBay, designed to sell and advertise hemp products and increase revenue for our B2C and B2B members. 
Hemp B2B Ad Network offers cost effective, industry direct, business and product ads for hemp companies providing a business network to support the development of local supply chains. 
Our eCommerce Marketplace is designed to give our hemp business members greater online exposure through shared marketing, customers and traffic. 
We do this through both email marketing and google and social media strategies that target customers directly.
Our marketplace is designed to be the "number one" ecommerce site for "search engines" targeting potential customer searches for any type of product made with hemp. 
Our job is to cost effectively match customers with vendor's products that increases vendor sales and revenue. We work hard to retain repeat customers and keep our vendor fees as low as possible.
"We're here for two reasons. Our members success and to promote the sustainable hemp industry!" 
Our customer base is constantly growing due to organic hemp product marketing, affiliate programs, gift certificates, newsletter and blog, and hemp information campaigns.
We promote the hemp industry as a clean, green, earth-friendly products manufacturing sector that reduces carbon and provides jobs in rural as well as urban economies.   

  HempNetB2B - Vendor Ads

HempNetMarket has four types of Ads for B2B Members.
1. Vendor Plans: Product & Company Ads   (most cost effective)
2. Margin, Pop-Ups Ads
3. Newsletter & Blog Ads
3. Social Media Direct Marketing Ads
4. Affiliate Marketing
Ad Descriptions:
1.  Vendor Plans - Products Sales & Ads
Retail Products eCommerce (see Vendor Plans 1-4)
These are long term, cost effective product listings designed to keep multiple products up for continuous ecommerce sales or advertising.
Wholesale Product Ads (see Vendor Plans 5-8)
These are long term, cost effective, product ads designed to keep wholesale products up for continuous sale through our B2B wholesale and retail members. These ads, only available to vendors through the vendor portal, are designed to establish local supply chains. 
    Company Ads - (see Vendor Plans 9-12):
Long term, cost effective ads to showcase your business, business services or agency. 
Business Ads price are based on company size as determined by the number of emplyees. 
No. of Employers           Monthly Ad Fee
Hemp Business A               0 - 5                                $10.00
Hemp Business B               6 - 49                              $30.00   
Hemp Business C              50 - 124                           $60.00
Hemp Business D            125 - 200                          $100.00
2.  Margin, Pop Up and Newsletter Ads (coming soon)
These ads are found throughout the website in the margins and as popups on certain landing pages. Our newsletter is another place where hemp companies can post ads and ads can be sent to certain user groups through our newsletter. HempNetMarket only hosts hemp related business ads. 
3.  Social Media and Direct Marketing Ads (coming soon)
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Other Social Media Ads
Google ads are fundamental to growing the customer-base as they target certain demographics. Different products would target different demographics. HempNetMarket uses google marketing to promote our website to potential customers and to sign up new customer-members. We also offer google ad packages for vendors to utilize google marketing through HempNetMarket to attract new customers to their product listings. 
4.  Affiliate Marketing (coming soon)
Affiliate marketing is a brilliant way in which members, both vendors and customers, and HempNetMarket interact to build on the customer-base together. Vendors and customers interested in earning cash awards for attracting new customers or vendors can do so through the Affiliate Marketing Program. By simply placing the HempNetMarket logo and a small ad on your website or blog, any new customer or vendor coming through your site and purchasing will be automatically registered to your affiliate number and earn you a commission of the sales. 
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