Sponsorship Program

The new, emerging iHemp Industry will be a major contributor to creation of a sustainable bio-economy. Hemp can move humanity toward reducing carbon in the fight against climate change. The iHemp industry creates earth-friendly products that are sustainable because they can be reused, recycled and composted within a closed, bio-circlular system, which is the only sustainable alternative to the pollution and climate crisis we face due to the toxic and carbon creating petroleum industry. 

HempNetMarket is looking for sponsors to events hosted by us. These events range in size and scope, and have the sole purpose of promoting hemp products to the public. From events that showcase products at public markets, to hempcrete construction practices....hempnetmarket has a variety of ways to advertise and promote your business and products.    

Sponsors can provide an injection of capital to asssist in promoting industries making hemp-based plastic, paper, textiles, rope, and many other earth-friendly products. 

By becoming a HempNetMarket Sponsor your company is showing leadership in moving toward a green economy with earth-friendly products and clean energy. 

HempNetMarket is a member of the Global Footprint Network and promotes carbon education, the green clean bio-economy, and the circular.

(A List of Sponsorship Events Will Be Coming Soon)

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