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Vendors FAQ

1. What's the benefit to listing with HempNetMarket.

Greater access to online customers by pooling resourses. Web marketplaces such as Etsy and Ebay are the go-to for online shopping because a consummer can find a variety of products shopping at a single website. Dedicated niche marketplaces, such as HempNetMarket, is the best way to promote the emerging hemp industry as we are focused on the benefits of hemp, plus we can integrate with all other marketplaces and social media platforms. 

In essence, Hemp businesses joining HempNetMarket are banning together to lower the cost of eCommerse and online marketing. HempNetMarket is focused on marketing hemp products, increasing custommer membership, and promoting the hemp industry. Our vendor plan fees allow us to do this job cost effectively for our members, allowing them more time for other aspects of their business. 

If you compare what HempNetMarket offers your business in marketing and ecommerse online access to customers, I think you'll agree that it's a fraction of the cost of each business marketing individually, and the benefits is far greater when businesses all work together for the same purpose of selling and marketing hemp products. 

2. How difficult is it to list products, set up a store or a company ad. 

Our site is based on the same principals as any online marketplace. Vendors have a backend portal where they create their store or ad, upload their products, and interact with their customers. They can set up their own merchant services and monitor their sales and other statistics. We are available to help get your store or ad functioning and for any questions along the way. 

3. What's the difference between selling products or advertising products or services.  

As each business is unique, there is are options as to how best to utilize HempNetMarket ecommerse marketing with your business. The options are based on money flow and how business receive thier payments form customers. 

Retail Sellers

Options 1: A seller uses the HempNetMarket merchant services. This means that HempNetMarket recieves the payment from the purchase and that payment, minus the commission, is then distributed to the vendor on a fixed bi-monthy schedule. 

Option 2: A seller sets up their own merchant service. Sellers can easily have their own payment service for the HempNetMarket store and recieve the payment as soon as it is made. HempNet Market recieves the commission automatically from the payment. 

Retail Advertisers

Option 3: Products ads with no merchant service. In this option a customer does not purchase the product on the HempNetMarket site. Instead the customer is directed to the same product on the vendors own ecommerse site and the purchase is made their. In this case the vendor pays an affilite marketing fee each time a customer clicks on one of their products. 

Wholesale and Raw B2B Ads

B2B vendors advertise their products or services in the vendor only protal. All the purchasing of the service or products is completed outside the HempNetMarket site. 

4. Is It Better to Sell or to Advertise B2C Hemp Products on HempNetMarket? 

HempNetMarket has the capacity meet all your ecommerse needs. When you set up a store with us you can easily transfer your products listings to any other location such as a website or social media page. This is prefered as this way all customers are directed to HempNetMarket where they will have access to all the hemp education and information plus the easiest shopping experience. 

Selling retail B2C products on our site is prefered over advertising products for sale on another site. The reason is customer satisfaction and building an earth-freindly community of customers! Our job is marketing your products and increasing your sales. We do this in several different ways but gaining repeat customers by signing up customer-members is the most cost effective and practical way to market and sell your products. Building our customer-members base is a high priority for us. When a customer clicks on a product to purchse it, the fewer the steps the more likely the sale. 

When customers move to another site to make a purchase, the chances of them buying more than one product on HempNetMarket is likely lost as they will have to bounce back and forth between sites to make purchases. 


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