Vendor Application Guide:
Three Steps to Become a Vendor
Step 1: Register for Site Membership
Step 2: Choose a User Group or Groups
Step 3: Apply for a Vendor Account
Step 1Member Registration *
1. Click Sign Up - My Account – home page, top right, with a drop down menu.
2. Click “Register” – Bottom of drop down menu.
3. Fill out the quick “Registration Form”, read privacy policy, and personal data use, check the boxes, and click “Register”.
* As a registered member you have joined our HempNet Advocacy & Social Club; click "Members" in the menu section.  Check out our affiliate program and be sure to sign-up for Hemparian News, our newsletter for all-things-hemp like discounts and promotions, info on new products, and all sorts of information on clothing, health & medicinal, recipes, building products etc. and much, much more. 
Step 2: Choose Your "User Group/s"
1. Go back and click "Sign Up - My Account" again (top right). This time your name will appear at the top of the drop down menu.
2. Click "Profile Details", just below your name. Here you fill in extra details needed for Vendors.
3. Click the "User Group" tab, top right.
4. Click "Join". Join each user group suitable to your company. (very important as we communicate with you through e-mail directed at each user group)
Step 3: Vendor Account Application
Sell Products; Advertise Products and/or Business; Advertise B2B Services, Equipment
1. Go to Home Page Click “Vendors Apply Here", very top left side of home page. 
2. Choose a suitable Vendor Plan”
3. Click “Choose”. This will open up the Vendor application page. Fill out your company info, read the "Vendors Terms and Conditions", and click Save
* Vendors be sure to sign up for our Industrial Hemp Blog, iHempReportCanada where you get industry news and events, crop statistics, new businesses, featured businesses and much more!
Once "Vendor Registration" is completed, we will send you an email with our "Vendor - Member Information Package"


Vendor Information Package Outline

The vendor information package outlines general information about our platform, describes how it works, and gives more specific information about how to set up your store for selling or advertising your retail products or your business services. 
Once we receive your "vendor registration", and before you begin to set up your product sales or business ad, we will contact you to verify your business and assist you in getting started.  


How To Set Up Your Vendor Sellers Store,
Company Ad or Products Ad:

Access to the Vendor "Back-End" where Vendors enter products and create ads.  

~ Once we receive your Vendor Application we will set up your account and give you access to your back-end where you can design your store and up-load your products or ad photos.
~ The back-end is where you set up your ecommerce store and list your products, services, or equipment for sale or advertisement.
~ During these initial stages we will be available to walk you through the process which is very simple and user-friendly.


(Comming Soon)

We are constantly searching for vendors selling hemp products and we hope to have some product to fill this category very soon.

Thanks for stopping by!  

If you are a company selling any type of hemp products, please get in touch so that we may assist you with your online marketing. Cheers! 

1 778 557-8803


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