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In the last few years internet marketing has become increasingly sophisticated and challenging. A company or start-up can find that marketing and ecommerce, while being so important since Covid, is extremely time consuming and exceedingly expensive.

This is where Hemp Network Marketplace comes in. Our site gives our vendors a highly cost effective alternative to online ecommerce and marketing. Multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace sites are designed to simulate a farmers market or shopping mall by bringing customers to one site where they find a variety of products from different sellers. Good example are Etsy, Ebay and Bonanza. 

HempNetMarket makes buying easier for customers and eliminates much of the expense and burden of ecommerce for sellers, all while promoting hemp products as healthy, earth friendly, alternatives. Its a win, win, win!! 

Below we have tried to summarize all the reasons a HempNetMarket makes good "cents". 


The Benefits for
HempNetMarket Vendors

Here’s our list of reasons why we think Hemp Network Marketplace can benefit your Hemp business while also promoting the Hemp Industry:

  • Ease of Shopping: Customer can find and purchase a number of items from a variety of vendors in one marketplace rather than searching several websites. This encourages customers to return to shop or to become members.
  • More Competitive: A Multi-Vendor Marketplace ranks higher on search engines. The activities of buying and selling, blogging, email communication and general site traffic, cause a high search engine ranking which more people's searches to the site. 
  • Customer Retention: HempNetMarket is focused on customers, shopping and sales. Our job is to get customers and keep them interested in buying hemp products from our site. 
  • Local Shopping: Vendors are quickly located on our google map store locator so customers can find their location and choose to shop directly and save on shipping cost.
  • Education: Our site promotes Hemp through providing education on all the different aspects relating to healthy people on a healthy planet”. All-things-hemp, such as nutrition, medicinal benefits, soil rejuvenation, product composting etc. are investigated through our Hemp Education section and our blogs. 
  • Store Widget: Widget mode allows your HempNet Store to be uploaded to your website or to face book. This allows retail sellers to easily manage their products in one place and move them to different platforms as needed.  
  • Cost Effective Access to the Online Market: Selling or advertising on HempNetMarket costs much less than setting up ecommerce and marketing through other means.
  • Our Customer Base: Members get immediate access to our customer-base. Businesses gain customers because we are constantly building our customer-membership base and marketing our platform to eco-friendly buyers.  
  • Strength in Numbers: Companies have a better chance competing online by joining our marketplace where their membership fees afford much better marketing and access to new customers than they could get on their own.
  • Information Sharing: Our online community network is like a watering hole of activity with open and active communication through, newsletters, blogs, social media, etc..
  • Direct B2B Marketing: By moving raw hemp directly from producer to processor; and products from processor to customer; there are fewer mark-ups through the supply chain so the sellers incurs better margins and can sell for less with higher compensation.
  • Direct Industry Advertising: iHemp product or services ads, such as for consulting, equipment sales and services, seed sales, and agencies etc. are viewed directly by the industry that uses those products or services.  
  • Lobbying: While it’s awesome to have legalized Hemp and Cannabis, the government needs to hear from the small business community, on a regular basis, as to what works for and what does not. Big companies always have the government’s attention and small companies need to speak louder to be heard.
  • Investor Opportunities: Our “Investors Page” will offer hemp entrepreneurs advertisements for investors and we will be actively promoting small scale business opportunities to the investing community.
  • Organized to Help Grow the Hemp Industry: Our plan is to help facilitate communication among all industry stakeholders through blogs, newsletters and lobbying and to assist in the decision making processes, emphasizing small and medium sized business as an essential component of the supply chain and the industry as a whole.  
  • Public/Customer Education: Hemp is a new industry and many people are unaware about the many benefits Hemp offers in so many different sectors. Every visitor to the site and each social media marketing contact will be given an opportunity to learn something new about hemp and become a regular customer-member.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Businesses that already have e-commerce stores can direct customers to their website or brick-and-mortar store through HempNetMarket product advertising.
  • Win-Win-Win: The Hemp Network Marketplace will be actively promoting the Hemp Industry while assisting businesses selling hemp products, equipment and services. This is a triple win for local economies, the health of the planet, and the health of the people using hemp products.
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