What the Heck is all this Hype about Hemp Anyway?

You could say that hemp is man's-best-friend, even better than dogs because hemp has been providing humans with basic necessities like food, rope, sails, and wood preservative all throughout history. In parts of Asia, where hemp is native, hemp use dates back to the retreat of the ice-age about....oh....12,000 years ago, give or take a year or two.  

There are four raw constituent parts to hemp and all four parts have great economic value by producing different types of highly valued, eco-friendly products:

1. Hempfiber - rope, twine, clothing, tarps, insulation, wall panels, walls, bio-fiber glass, bio-fiber plastic, canvas shoes, acoustic panels, cieling panels, bio-fuel and much more. 

2. Hempseed - nutritional food  products, pure protein, omegas, digestive fiber and minerals, skin care, soap, wood varnish, paint, bio-diesel. 

3. Hempcbd resin - Medicinal cannabinoids, CBG, CBD, CBN, CBC terpenes & flavonoids. 

4. Hemproot - soil rebuilder,  and medicinal compounds.

From these 4 raw constituent parts, there is a world of good products. Good for people and really good for the planet.

Hemp can produce 1000's of safe, green, earth-friendly and biodegradable products. That's just to many to list; and new research and technology is adding to the list every day. 

These are all products that cause no further environmental damage, products that you can feel good about using, and good about tossing in the compost bin; not the waste bin. 

They regenerate depleted soil, store tones and tones of carbon, can remove toxic hardy metals from soil, have amazing health and skin beneficial properties and are in no way toxic or GMO. 

In fact, one could say that hemp prohibition of the last 80 years is a major cause of our present global crisis and one of the most practical, if not the most practical, solutions.  

Check out the brief descriptions of the properties of the different parts of hemp by clicking in the menu.

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