Hemp Paper Products
 A Simple Solution to Deforestation, 
Climate Change, and Species Extinction

Logging is, of course, a big contributor to Climate Change. Trees are the Earths CO2 consumers. They eat CO2 for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They not only thrive on it, they live on it. So without them, well, the CO2 just hangs around causing havoc. Also, forests are places that many animals and other plants, call home. Even we humans lived in forests at one time, not that long ago, before we build condos.

But lately, like in the last 50 years our increased use of wood fiber for so many single-use paper products is causing havoc on Earths Natural systems balance and many species have drastically declined or have gone extinct. Direct habitat loss plus the habitat loss due to forest fires as a result of climate change is increasingly devastating.

The most practical and simplest solution is to start making many of these products from Hemp fiber as they were make throughout history, since paper was invented by the Chinese over 3000 years ago. 

While this seems like a simple solution, nothing is ever that simple. There are many issues with manufacturing paper at the scale of which the paper industry would require.......but at the same time.....cellulose fiber is a commodity no matter if it comes from trees or hemp.

---New Products Coming Soon---