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By law, you must be 18 years of age to purchase CBD products.
Welcome to the
This is where you can buy 
EarthFriendly, Hemp Products!
"Nature's most useful plant"! 
Hempseed, Hempfiber, Hempresin, Hemproot.
Products that benefit us and Earth!!! 
CarbonFriendly, EarthFriendly,
Here you will find many diverse products under the 4 different constituent parts of the amazing Hemp plant . 
HEMPSEED - health-food & nutritional oil; soap & skin care; livestock feed & pet care; wood preservative & paint; bio-diesel & bio-fuel and more.... 
HEMPFIBER - textiles & clothing; rope & twine; canvas; bio-plastic & bio-fiberglass; hempcrete & hempcrete blocks; acoustic panels; insulation; pressed fiber-board panels; animal bedding & more......
HEMPCBD SUPPLEMENTS - CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, terpenes & flavonoids, whole plant extract, edibles, smokables, CBD animal medicinal supplements,
HEMPROOT - hemp root cannabinoid & terpene medicinal supplements.
  So!.......What's So Darn Good About Using Hemp Products?
Well... it's like playing a country song in reverse; 
you get your dog back, your horse, your cows.... heck,even your wife!
With Hemp you get to: 
sequester carbon and reduce climate change,
~ improve soil condition,
~ reduce plastic and micro-plastic pollution,
~ reduce mass extinction & habitat loss,
~ reduce garbage and plastic in landfills and in the ocean,
~ improve personal health,
~ feel good about being part of the solution.
It's like hemp magic!
so....the quicker we replace synthetic products
  with natural fiber products,
the sooner we get out of this global crisis
and move toward a green, sustainable future
for our children's, children, and their children
and, as the Elders Say, "on and on for seven generations"!!
"Let Us Be Responsible"
  HempNet Customers Club (HNCC) 
& Hemparian News
HempNet Customers Club is an eco-friendly group of people, from all walks of life, who are just a tad bit concerned about the state of the environment. We purchase hemp products whenever possible because hemp offers many, many, health benefits to both people and planet (see our Hemp Education section). By purchasing hemp products we become part of the solution-to-pollution, and set toward a true path of truley living sustainably!! We are all working towards a zero footprint!!
Our HNCC newsletter, Hemparian News, has articles on hemp eco-
products and companies from all the different sectors; clothing, food,
furniture, building and construction, rope & twine, paper,  medicinal, skin care. If you are interested to track your eco-footprint, we have a section on that.  
You will also find product discounts, promotions, vendors profiles and product launches.
It's free so hey....bring a friend and get a discount!
Happy Shopping!